HKS 14001-AK031 GTIII-5R TURBINE A/R 1.00 (TURBO FLANGE: Coupling)

Part#: 14001-AK031
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To replace the T51R and TO4Z on GTIII, use HKS 14008-AK009
Recent requirements towards fuel efficiency and emissions control have accelerated the development of turbo technology and this has been adapted for tuning. GTIII turbine series are combined with MHI brand CHRA made with the latest technology.  
The aluminum forged impeller allows achieving high boost at low air flow ranges whilst surging is prevented.  HKS designed housings which utilize the technology, experience and know how built up over many years of turbo charger innovation.  This original design improves the turbine efficiency and minimizes surging. The combination of the ultimate turbine blades and its optimal housing creates an amazingly versatile turbo. The turbine efficiency enhancement makes this orthodox floating metal type turbine comparable to a ball bearing type.
GTIII-5R is a successor model of T51 SPL BB; it is compact in size, but withstands over 800PS.
Highly reliable MHI high performance CHRA and highly durable aluminum forged impeller achieve high engine output and better engine response.
Replacement with T51R series turbine and the turbo kit using T51R is simple since both installation positions are the same. (Oil & Water inlet / outlet are designed for GTIII-5R).
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HKS GTIII-SS Center Cartridge (CHRA)
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