MAHLE 930188548 Pistons Kit VOLKSWAGEN Tsi (2010+) 2.0L 82.50mm bore,92.8mm stroke,144mm rod, 7ccvol

Part#: 930188548
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OEM fitment and wear characteristics
Quite piston operation
Ideal compression ratio and dish shape for direct injection 2.0T TSI engines EA888
Durable forged pistons
Lightweight piston design
High strength German steel wrist pins for high horsepower support
Propriety Mahle low-expansion 142P alloy
Tight ring to piston groove clearances to reduce blow-by
Hard anodized ring lands to avoid micro-welding
Grafal anti-friction skirt coating
Oil squirter notches that ensure no piston skirt to squirter interference
21mm wrist pins
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