AKRAPOVIC S-ME/TI/4 Evolution Line (Titanium) - for OPF/GPF MERCEDES AMG G63 (W463A)-OPF/GPF 2019-2019

Part#: S-ME/TI/4
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The Evolution Line (Titanium) for the Mercedes-AMG G 63 has been created with durability in mind as well as performance using high-grade durable lightweight titanium, making the system 45% lighter than the stock system. It is finished with specially-designed tailpipes – fashioned in the Akrapovič foundry – exiting on either side of the vehicle, complementing the car’s robust look, perfectly routed to fit within limited space and coated for increased durability.

This system – with a pair of exhaust valves behind the rear mufflers to provide optimal control of the exhaust tones – delivers a unique sound that is distinctly deeper and sportier, especially during acceleration and shifting. Power and torque levels are increased through the entire rpm range.

Optional front link pipe set is also offered to provide full exhaust-tuning capabilities.

Optional product:

AKRAPOVIC L-ME/SS/1 Front link pipe set (SS) - for OPF/GPF MERCEDES AMG G63 (W463A)-OPF/GPF 2019-2019

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