ARD 10630000 Downpipes BMW F10 M5, F13 M6 (S63TU)

Part#: 10630000
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Detail is set in place of the catalyst, it is a substitute.
Fully compatible with the standard exhaust system.
Made of stainless steel with TIG-welding in argon.
It can significantly reduce the resistance to the flow of exhaust gases, which leads to improved dynamic characteristics, and increase output torque.

For BMW the following models with petrol turbo S63:

M5 - (F10)
M6 - (F06-F12-F13)


100% stainless steel, including flanges, brackets, 89mm diameter, 2mm wall
2-sided provarkoy flange connections and the most loaded
seats for lambda probes of the standard scheme
Fully compatible with the standard exhaust system
For correct operation of the control system of the catalyst necessary to establish hornblende in the second lambda probe or disable it programmatically!

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